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Surface hardness testing

You want to check surface hardness of a case hardened toothed component, both flank surface and tooth ground, in order to find out whether the hardness conform to the specification and/or to the norm or not. Or you want to determine tensile strength level of one quenched and tempered component. In respect of this matter we offer you in our well equipped laboratory with stationary and transportable instruments from lowest to largest load (10gr up to 3 tones) in different surface hardness testing methods.

Type of instruments: Load: Unit:
Briviskop 3000H:
Briro 118:
Kleinlast KL-2:
EMCO Tooth flank test instrument:
up to 3 tones
1-250 kilogram
150 kilogram
10gr-10 kilogram
62,5 kilogram
small and big hammer
1 and 5 kilogram
(Vikers, Rockwell)
(Vickers, Rockwell)
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