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Damage and failure investigation

As every course of events leave spots, the research and the interpretation of spots are, especially by damage examination, very important elements. For instance cracks provide much information from the crack morphology.

For the first search of damage surface is naked eye observation, or use of a binocular, absolutely essential. With this the fracture origin can often be determined, the propagation of crack and often the type of crack. For the description of the crack characteristic it will be technical language applied. For example the crack lines referred to as "Beach Marks". Like throwing a stone in the water, the source of circulated wave rings is laying in the centre of beach marks, which points to the fracture origin of fatigue fracture

Crack lines are called "River Patterns. Microscopical river lines of crack surface and are a spitting image of the earth distinguish to each other actually because of their size, which propagation is most probably one to one billion. Follow one the "river line" in the following direction, so can one find the "mouth/orifice" of crack area.

Should one interpret the spots incorrectly, then of course the measurements will be chosen wrongly, causing the component to again be damaged by the next re-operation. That will cause not only the additional costs due to replacement of component but also follow-up costs due to operations break down and/or due to replayed damage cases which leads to loss of the customer confidence. More fatal then material damage is the failure which puts someone�s life and limb at risk.

Thanks to many years experience Demir Lab. can support you, in order to avoid such damage, by getting deeply to the bottom of the causes of failures.
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