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Non-destructive investigation

Visual Testing (VT))

Visual testing is a visual inspection or evaluation method of material and/or component surface, which is carried out with or without means of optical instruments. With visual inspection should the significant findings determined, which will not be registered by other non-destructive examination. Visual examination should be carried out before any other non- destructive test methods.

Ultrasonic test (UT)

Ultrasonic test is a volumetric test, which determines the indications from inside of the material and gives exact information about their size, position and orientation.
The marked indications, which lay beneath tooth flank surface.

Magnetic Particle Examination (MT)

Magnetic particle examination is a surface testing method producing indications visible to the naked eye on material surface.

Dye penetrant testing (PT)

Dye penetrant testing is a surface testing method carried out by using two liquids substances (penetrating means + developer), enabling indications visible to the naked eye on material surface.

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